Senseta is the premier provider of end-to-end solutions for the biggest data challenges. Headquartered in Silicon Valley with operating subsidiaries in the Americas and soon in the Middle East, Senseta brings to bear many years of proven experience and expertise in capturing and analyzing highly sensitive data, providing clients with state-of-the-art, efficient and rapid actionable intelligence. With clients in the Americas and Middle East, Senseta specializes in providing self-contained, discrete, secure, and trusted data capture, processing and analytics facilities. With deep experience working with large clients in sectors such as telecommunication, Banking and Finance, and Government, Senseta delivers end-to-end, self-contained and secure Big Data capture and analytics facilities to discerning clients who aim to securely unleash the raw power of Big Data to optimize and transform their businesses, programs, and investments with data-driven decisions. Going beyond traditional consulting models, Senseta provides fully managed onsite services of hardware, software and dedicated professional staff to capture and securely analyze large volumes of high velocity and disparate multilingual and multi-format unstructured and structured information such as untagged audio, video, images and text.


Grupo Senseta Inc. is an international company headquartered in the US, incorporated as a result of an acquisition of two innovative capture and analytics companies in the US and Colombia. Senseta is an acronym that stands for “sense, think and act”. The Silicon Valley company, Senseta Inc., was a NASA and DARPA California spino technology company founded from Carnegie Mellon University and co-founded by robotics and computing pioneer Dr. Raj Reddy and Senseta Executive Chairman Dr. Khalid Al-Ali in 2005. Its specialties were control systems for unmanned vehicles, integration of unmanned systems, development of advanced sensors, and design and manufacture of unmanned ground vehicles. Senseta Inc.’s rovers have been used by NASA Ames Research Center and Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), United States Department of Defense (Army and Air force), US Geological Survey, Carnegie Mellon University, the Mars Society, Larsen & Toubro among others. The Colombian company, DERSIS SAS (currently known as Senseta SAS), was led by Cesar Lopez, rst Colombian to receive the TR35 award in 2012 given by MIT Technology Review. DERSIS specialized in the capture of large amounts of images related with survey data and the data analytics to produce 3D terrain models and point clouds with high resolution and precision. Both Subsidiaries are now wholly owned by Grupo Senseta. This combination of assets and expertise provide a very competitive and unique set of solutions in today’s marketplace. Together they are the foundation for Grupo Senseta’s data capture and analytics value chain.
We follow the Opus Novum Principles
  • Place trust and loyalty first
  • Give before you take
  • Honor the mentor-apprentice tradition
  • Seek collaborative unity
  • Apply social norms over market norms
  • Favor wealth creation over wealth collection
  • Be an agent for positive change
"Data has no agenda. It's incorruptible, it has no boss, it doesn't want to be promoted, and it doesn't quit. "