Leveraging new technologies and proprietary data intelligence tools, Senseta provides solutions that help organizations increase the effectiveness and timeliness of decision-making and optimize business processes through qualitative analysis. Senseta unlocks the potential of information for organizations, by solving highly complex issues in data capture and analytics on both structured and unstructured data. Senseta opens the door to Actionable Intelligence: relevant data is surfaced from a sea of historic and real-time information, captured and analyzed through state-of-the-art Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies.



Key to transforming data into actionable insights, Senseta integrates Disparate Data – from all available sources, types and scale. Senseta turns unstructured data – video, imagery, speech and on-line media content – into searchable data. This approach provides for richer analysis over a broader integrated data, transforming data into knowledge.



We provide tools that will help your organization operate and analyze all of it’s data in one place while reducing friction between users and information. Our systems enable people to interact smoothly with data, ask better questions, and make better decisions.



Senseta's dedicated onsite and state-of-the-art BDAC conveniently brings the raw power of Big Data into your organization, instantly transforming the way data is collected, organized, analyzed and displayed, opening the door to real-time actionable intelligence without the inherent security risk of cloud-based and other third party services.

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Key clients and Partners

  • Colombian Navy

    Big Data helps empower the Colombian Security Miracle.

    Using a Senseta BDAC, the Colombian Navy has successfully implemented it's Data Fusion Intellence Center. This Analytical facility fully assembled by Senseta, has already improved significantly the response time to threats and the quality of the Navy's intelligence products.

    Senseta's solution has solved the Navy's most difficult technological problems, and as a direct result Colombia's intelligence officers can now concentrate on securing the country against those who seek to do harm.

  • What's going on with traffic?

    Understanding traffic patterns of one of the most populated cities in the World.

    Using it's proprietary Spatial Machine Learning Technology, Senseta provided a state of the art predictive system for traffic analytics for the city of Mumbai in India.

    The current system, powered by Senseta technology is capable of processing millions of GPS logs to obtain the best possible prediction of future traffic conditions.

  • Ooredoo

    Ooredoo's partnership with Senseta will enable companies in Qatar to analyse huge volumes of data to uncover hidden patterns, correlations, and other key business insights.

    The Senseta/Ooredoo pilot programme used the BDAC solution to analyse multiple data sets to predict and optimise Ooredoo’s mobile network utilisation. The results generated showed the significant business potential of using big data analytical methods and modelling for business planning and network optimisation.

  • Cracking an 18 year-old Cold Case

    Senseta’s MAX 5.0A Rover, an autonomous ground vehicle, used research algorithms and Senseta technologies to collect data and locate buried material evidence, which led to a conviction and resolution of the 18 year old cold-case.

    Based on this data, the county (San Jose, California) excavated the site and retrieved car parts that matched the suspect’s car. Confronted with this evidence in court, on August 29, 2009, the suspect pleaded no contest to the charges, was convicted of manslaughter, and sentenced to six years in prison.

  • Location, location, location

    Empowering one of the largest bank in Latin America

    Using Senseta's proprietary technology, one of Latin America's largest banks applied a combination of geospatial intelligence and machine learning techniques, to visualize in a dynamic map all the relationships between transactions, people, organizations and places, over time.

    This analytical insight allowed it to make a better decision on how to locate it's branches and operations.